Jun 23, 2017

BC Liberal “Throne Speech” a master class in hypocrisy—CUPE BC

BURNABY—Following the delivery of the Throne Speech yesterday by Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, CUPE BC President Paul Faoro issued the following statement:

“Yesterday’s Throne Speech amounts to a near-total repudiation of the BC Liberal government’s policies over the past 16 years and is clearly nothing more than a desperate attempt to cling to power.

“The cynicism of this speech is breathtaking. Premier Christy Clark and her team of candidates campaigned against virtually every policy they now claim to support. From campaign finance reform (the Liberals voted against the NDP’s proposals to take big money out of our politics no fewer than six times in the past four years) to a universal child care plan (proposed by both the BC NDP and the Greens, and deemed “too expensive and unrealistic” by Clark during the campaign) it’s now obvious to all but the most partisan BC Liberals that the NDP and Greens got it right during the election campaign, and the BC Liberals were wrong.

“Frankly, after 16 years of BC Liberal governments that promised one thing during elections, and delivered something quite different in government, this Throne Speech is not to be believed.

“It is my hope—and the hope of more than 60 per cent of voters—that the BC Liberals will be defeated by the BC NDP with the support of the Green Caucus as soon as possible.

“John Horgan and the BC NDP, with the support of Greens Leader Andrew Weaver and his caucus, have a realistic, doable plan to make British Columbia a better place for all, not just the wealthy and well-connected who’ve benefited from Christy Clark’s at the expense of rural communities and middle- and working-class British Columbians.

“No one should believe the BC Liberals are sincere in their “rebranding,” least of all those whose lives have been made worse by this government’s mean-spirited and punitive policies over the past 16 years. As voters clearly said on May 9, it’s time for change. If, as now seems obvious, the BC Liberals won’t get out of the way of that change, they deserve to be defeated by the Opposition parties.

“Then, Premier John Horgan and his BC NDP government, supported by the Green Caucus, can get to work on delivering the change that voters demanded. Finally, given the BC Liberals’ sudden embrace of many of the policies promised by the BC NDP, it will be positive to see all parties in the Legislature support Horgan’s plan.”

Paul Faoro is president of CUPE BC, British Columbia’s largest union, representing 85,000 workers delivering important public services in communities across the province.

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