Jun 15, 2010

Bargaining update for CUPE members of CSSEA employers

BURNABY— The Community Social Services Bargaining Association committee tasked with negotiating a new collective agreement for members met twice during the week of June 7th with the employers’ group, CSSEA (Community Social Services Employers’ Association).

The parties exchanged responses to the proposals tabled in late May. CSSEA’s package offers no monetary gains. It insists it’s being held to the B.C. Liberal government’s net ‘zero’ financial mandate.

We have not responded to the employers’ request that we remove all monetary proposals from the table. We are also concerned about the employers’ availability for bargaining.

The CSSBA bargaining committee also spent one day developing strategies to achieve the goals mandated by you, the members. Seven more dates this month have been set aside for negotiating.

Please continue to check the CUPE BC website for updates.

Support your bargaining committee by writing letters to the editor of your local newspapers, contacting your MLA, talking to your coworkers, and by making sure you check your union bulletin boards.

Report any proposed changes to your program or worksite to your union or to the bargaining association. Also, report any rumors of changes or restructuring. If you have any questions about bargaining, please contact your bargaining members.

If you have any questions and/or concerns you can reach the bargaining committee through Michael Lanier, President CUPE Local 1936 at [email protected]

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