CUPE BC's Young Workers Task Force was established to bring focus and priority to issues specific to young workers. The Task Force engages in activities and initiatives with the goal of inspiring young workers to become active in their union, and in their communities. 

Committee members

Natalie Baekgaard
Local 1622
Karsten Bellows
Local 523
Alicia Camps
Local 3799
Chris Carter
Local 561
Marcis DeMedeiros
Local 3742
Amanda T Edwards
Local 1048
Raymond Green
Local 2052
John Hall
Local 3500
Iris Lee
Local 2950
Bryan Lepine
Local 1050
Shevonne Leslie
Local 391
Kelly Lim
Local 4078
Valeria Mancilla Reyes
Local 1936
Kandice McCauley
Local 2052
Jocelyn Morgan
Local 402
Carlo Sia
Local 3500
Janet Szliske
Communications Representative
Jason Wallace
Local 3479
Aaron Young
Local 389