One of the ways that CUPE supports our members and the work that we do on behalf of the Union is through our Union Education Program.



Apply to be a Member Facilitator

The Union Development Department will be holding facilitator training January 21-26, 2017 as part of the CLC Region Winter School at Harrison Hot Springs. CUPE members who are interested in becoming member facilitators and participating in this training are invited to submit their online member facilitator application. The deadline for applications is October 20, 2017.

The facilitator program involves a 5 day residential style program. Expenses for this training, including lost wages and travel expenses will be covered by CUPE National.

The member facilitator program is an important program supported by CUPE National that helps to bring vital union related training to our members. Member facilitators help to provide a variety of workshops to Locals and members throughout the province. The program often requires travel and weekend work. While expenses and lost time are covered, it is not a paid position.

The member facilitator program will be of interest to those members who enjoy working with other members and are interested in helping them develop the skills necessary to become strong union activists. While we encourage anyone who is interested to apply, selection will be based in part on geographic and other consideration.

CUPE is committed to equity and encourages participation from women, LGBTTIQ2S persons, racialized persons, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and any other equity seeking or marginalized groups.

For further information, please read:

Member Facilitator Application