CUPE BC’s Political Action Committee provides members with information about political choices and encourages them to participate in the political process. The committee also organizes training sessions and ensures CUPE BC’s voice is heard by elected bodies at all levels.

The committee is examining new ways to reach out to members and mobilize voters. With land line phone numbers quickly becoming a thing of past, CUPE BC is seeking innovative solutions to managing data and refining electronic communications. However, old tried and true techniques still work best - getting out the vote door-to-door, member to member.

CUPE members also live in the communities they work in, and care about all their neighbours affected by local government decisions. Everything from environmental sustainability, to compassionate housing policy, to zoning that impacts the local economy, CUPE members know that getting involved in elections is crucial in building strong communities.

Interested in getting involved? Contact the committee at


Committee members

Denice Bardua
Local 4990
Pam Catsirelis
Local 2773
Aman Cheema
Local 402
Andrea Craddock
Local 723
Niki Lord
Local 3999
Michael Muller
Local 2020
Tracey O'Hara
Alternate Regional Vice President Fraser Valley Region, Local 411
Sophia Parkinson
Local 873
Sharon Prescott
Staff advisor
bruce richardson
Local 1
Clay Suddaby
Communications advisor