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Municipal Committee

CUPE represents over 24,000 civic workers throughout the Province of British Columbia in municipalities, districts, townships, villages and unincorporated lands. This committee deals with common issues between these workers, including sectoral trends, legislation affecting civic workers and the relationship between civic councils and their workers.

For more information check out the Municipal Sector.

Your Community booklet prepared by the CUPE BC Municipal Committee

Flexible Benefits fact sheet - November 2010
Flexible Benefits - September 2005
Health Spending Accounts - September 2005

Members of the committee are:

Norton, Ian - Chair, CUPE Local 394
Amy, Laurence -  Local 2087
Bankiner, Sally - Local 15
Cullinan, Hugh - Local 454
Hillson, Brianne - Local 608
Lamoureux, Jolene - Local 338
Landgraff, Kenneth - Local 386
MacBeth, Dan - Local 50
Nelson, Gayle Marie - Local 900
Poole, Jean - Local 2087
Rodrigue, Gerard (Joe) - Local 774
Rutledge, Bea - Local 2403
O'Leary, Tom - Staff Representative

Terms of Reference Structure of Committee

  • Chairperson appointed by the CUPE BC Executive Board.
  • Wherever possible members shall be from each area of the province.
  • The committee will be compromised of members working in the municipal sector. In addition one member will be from the library sector.

Objectives of Committee

  • To monitor provincial legislation affecting municipalities and inform locals and district councils about changes and how these changes may affect our locals.
  • To assist CUPE BC with developing and mounting fight-back campaign within locals and regions to protect public services, municipal employees and their jobs.
  • To encourage communication and liaison between workers in the sector, with other CUPE BC committees, with district councils and promoting awareness of municipal issues.
  • To assist the CUPE BC Political Action Committee in electing progressive candidates to councils across the province.

Council Watch

Do you have a member of your local who is dedicated to following the movements of your council, school board or other elected bodies? Knowing the movements of your various elected bodies is vital in keeping abreast of the big picture in your community.

For example, is there talk about upgrading your recreation centre? Is there the possibility of a new arena under discussion? Are you losing trades jobs to outside contractors? Is there talk of privatizing municipal water? All these services should remain in the public domain.

Contact CUPE BC to receive your Council Watch package at 604-291-9119. This kit has all the tools you and your local need to get started.

City Watch

City Watch is a CUPE-sponsored program designed to prevent and reduce crime in communities throughout British Columbia.

CUPE locals work together with local government and police to give outside CUPE workers and their dispatchers special training in watching for and reporting criminal or suspicious activity in the community.

During the course of their jobs, CUPE workers can keep their eyes and ears open and help prevent crime and accidents in B.C. communities. .

City Watch gives us the chance to help make our communities safe and secure – or our own families and for others. If you would like information on how to bring City Watch into your community, please contact CUPE BC at 604-291-9119.

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