CUPE Committees
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K-12 Committee

The K-12 committee deals with issues specific to the K-12 schools sector.

Purpose of the K-12 Committee To promote education workers in general as a real part of a strong community and to promote CUPE BC programs.

For more information check out K-12 Sector

Terms of Reference

To represent nine areas of BC including the Northwest, Northeast, East Kootenays, West Kootenays, Okanagan, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island North, Vancouver Island South and include representatives of District Councils.

The committee will include one person from the Special Education Task Force to liaise with the K-12 Committee.

The committee will communicate primarily by conference call, as needed. Two meetings per year – early Spring and early Fall – will provide face to face communications for the committee.

Primary reporting vehicle will be a bulletin. In addition, the committee will report annually to the CUPE BC convention.

Research, communications and servicing representatives will be involved in the committee to ensure that no duplication of information takes place and that there is a complete exchange of information between different groups.

Members of the committee are:

Blair, Susan - Chair,Local 2098 
Brett, Kenny - Local 15
Brooks, Tara - Local 606
Franklin, Leslie - Local 703
Kaiser, June - Local 716
MacLeod, Cherryl - Local 1285
Mainville, Robert
- Local 1851
Marsolais, Marcel - Local 409
Meehan, Janice - Local 728
Pringle, Alison - Local 2769
Simpson, Paul - Local 379
Van Berkel, Jose - Local 523
Williams, Warren - Local 15
Wigmore, Sheila - Local 2020
Malcolmson, John - Staff Representative
Rose, Kevin - Staff Representative