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Environment Committee

This committee gives CUPE members information about environmental problems and new methods of protecting the environment. It also does community education work on environmental issues.

Members of the committee are:

Vaughan-Evans, Ken - Chair, Local 4775
Berthiaume, Greg - Local 399
Blackley, Bernadette - Local 374
Egan, Daniel - Local 1091
Elford, Douglas A. - Local 15
Favarger, Michele - Local 951
Mossman, Lee - Local 338
Prepchuck, Elva - Local 1851
Randazzo, Lisa - Local 454
Virtanen, Jeff - Local 606
Wieler, David - Local 1048
Reardon, Carol, Staff Representative

CUPE National Environment Committee

CUPE National Environment webpage

Environment fact sheet - 2011

Check out the conference summary report on the "Jobs, Justice, Climate" conference held September 10 and 11, 2010

Keynote address by David Foster from the BlueGreen Alliance

What we are working on

Protecting whistleblowers

The environment committee is working with the Labour - Environmental Alliance to raise awareness about the need to support and protect whistleblowers - those employees with the courage to speak out against injustice, criminal acts, and/or corruption.

Download our pamphlet.


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CUPE BC Environment Committee top ten list of things CUPE Members can do to reduce our carbon footprint

  1. Local Economy - Shop locally, products made or grown locally stimulate local economy and employment while contributing less carbon emissions. GO ORGANIC!
  2. Grow a Garden - The food tastes better.
  3. Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.
  4. Alternatives - Find alternatives to toxic chemical cleaners - Purchase a CancerSmart Guide from LEAS.
  5. Foot Power - Cycle or take public transportation.
  6. Avoid plastic shopping bags - bring your own cloth shopping bag. It is a great way to show off all those great looking CUPE bags you have accumulated from conferences and conventions.
  7. Solar Power - Use a clothesline.
  8. Tune in, Turn on & Turn off electricity when not in use.
  9. Read a book – Rather than watching television.
  10. Get a bright idea – Install energy efficient light bulbs.
  11. Rain barrel – Catch and store rainwater for use in the garden.

Okay…we came up with an extra one…there are many more things we can do. Feel free to add to the list.

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