CUPE Committees
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Anti Contracting Out Committee

This committee works to protect services in BC communities by monitoring attempts by employers to contract out and privatize CUPE jobs. The committee raises awareness in locals about privatization and contracting out issues and encourages locals to negotiate language to protect public services in collective agreements.

Norton, Ian - Chair, Local 394
McQueen, Cindy - Co-Chair, Local 389
Caron, Tracy
Edmondson, Nicole - Local 3500
Gurrie, Blaine - Local 401
Harrison, Lorena - Local 900
McLuskie, Ross - Local 716
Oetting, Louise - Local 2081
Rutledge, Bea M. - Local 2403
Willis, Gord - Local 386
Wong, Karen - Local 3742
Sutton, Kathryn - Staff Representative
Reynolds, Keith - Staff Representative

For information and resources go to our Keep it Public campaign page.