CARD works to encourage and promote the participation of visible minorities and other equity-seeking groups in CUPE BC.

The committee develops education materials to help build awareness, supports bargaining on anti-discrimination and employment equity, lobbies government to strengthen human rights policies and encourages visible minority participation in local union and CUPE BC activities.

CARD contains four working groups, each representing CUPE members from equity-seeking groups. The working groups, which bring their recommendations to the CARD, represent aboriginal workers, workers of colour, workers with disabilities, and pink triangle (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning and intersex) workers.

Committee members

Michele Alexander
Diversity Vice President Representing Workers of Colour, Local 15
Mitch Guitard
Staff advisor
Jacqueline Hall
Local 1622
Frank Lee
Diversity Vice President Representing Persons with Disabilities, Local 1004
Debra Merrier
Diversity Vice President Representing Indigenous Workers, Local 728, CUPE BC Executive Board
Drew Parris
Alternate Diversity Vice President Representing Workers of Colour, Local 1
Pat Shade
Local 951
Michelle Stephen
Local 3799
Quinton Tutin
Local 4992