CUPE Campaigns
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Get Involved

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Something that you can do is get involved with your union.

CUPE BC's current campaigns are a great way to get started. Here is a summary of our current campaigns and the contact info of someone you can reach to find out how to get involved:

Strong Communities

This is an on-going campaign to defend our communities from threats to our jobs, our families and communities. You can contact the Strong Communities Coordinator to find out how to get involved.

Keep it Public

We believe that public services should be operated by the public sector and oppose privatization. This campaign brings workers and coalitions together in opposing privatization in their community. You can contact the Anti-Privatization Coordinator to help Keep it Public!

Pay Equity

The principle that workers who perform work of equal value should be paid equally is one that we fight for in bargaining, but it's also an issue we would like to see legislated for British Columbia. You can contact the Pay Equity Coordinator to help work together to make this a reality.

Water Watch

The Water Watch campaign is part of CUPE's national campaign that raises awareness about the risks of privatizing water and encourages keeping public water systems in the public sector. If you would like to help protect public water, contact the Water Watch Coordinator.

City Watch

With the City Watch program, CUPE workers out on the road every day keep their eyes open for criminal or suspicious activity to keep their communities safe and strong. This program provides training and resources in recognition of this unsung role. If you would like to get a City Watch program going in your local, contact the Strong Communities Coordinator.  

Child Care Now

CUPE has joined with many partners in advocating for a publicly funded national childcare program that is community-based, high quality, affordable, accessible and accountable. If you would like to join the campaign, contact the Child Care Coordinator.