Presidents Message
Mark Hancock

Mark Hancock,
President, CUPE BC

BC Liberals must reinvest in environmental standards and enforcement

When I saw the images on TV and the internet of the tailings pond beach at the Mount Polley mine earlier this month my first thought was that there must be some mistake, that things like this don’t happen more...
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Recent News

August 19, 2014
CASTLEGAR – Castlegar city workers have instituted a ban on overtime work in an effort to restart stalled contract talks.  CUPE Local 2262 served 72-hour strike notice with the BC Labour Board
August 15, 2014
CASTLEGAR – CUPE Local 2262 city workers have filed 72-hour strike notice with the BC Labour Board. The 34 workers have been without a contract since February 2013. This marks the first time in
August 13, 2014
  VANCOUVER - CUPE 1004 and the Pacific National Exhibition have reached a tentative three-year agreement.  The deal comes three days before the start of the annual fair.  CUPE represents
August 13, 2014
CASTLEGAR – It was standing-room only as members of CUPE 2262 filled the Castlegar City Council meeting Monday night.  Armed with Support Public Workers pins and cards, the members of